LightSpeed.LIVE Equipment Options


*** This app is being phased out - Please try one of the 7 other Live TV services now available on the LightSpeed network ***


LightSpeed.LIVE Equipment Options

LightSpeed.LIVE is an Internet based streaming TV service that provides a full cable "like" experience streamed over the Internet to a standard ROKU device or Android TV, iOS device, some smart TV's natively or play in your web browser.

Apps are available for Roku and Android TV. Limited support for LG WebOS and Samsung TV's.

To test for smart TV native support, search for "cdnAnywhere" in your App Store and use your login credentials supplied at registration. Use "" for your server URL.

If you already own a ROKU 3 (or newer), you have everything you need to tune in LightSpeed.LIVE. Best of all, LIVE channels run alongside the channels you're already watching online like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and thousands of other Ala Carte channels.

If you don't have a ROKU already, get one - you will love it! Prices start at only about $50. Stop renting clunky cable equipment and save a bundle by watching TV online. 

Best of all, with your LightSpeed Internet connection, streams are optimized for the best HDTV quality you've ever seen! This is the TV experience you've always wanted.


Streaming Device Compatible  HD quality Notes
LG WebOS Limited HDTV/4K Use "cdnAnywhere"
Samsung SmartHUB Limited HDTV/4K Use "cdnAnywhere"
Sony Bravia TV (AndroidTV) YES HDTV/4K Use "cdnAnywhere"
ROKU1/2/Stick NO   Not compatible
ROKU3 YES HDTV Recommended
ROKU4 YES HDTV/4K Recommended
ROKU Premier YES HDTV/4K Recommended with advanced remote option.
ROKU Premier +  YES HDTV/4K Recommended with advanced remote option.
ROKU Express NO HDTV Works, not recommended
ROKU Express + NO HDTV Works, not recommended
ROKU Ultra YES HDTV/4K Recommended

If you have an Android TV or Android TV set top box like the Nvidia Shield, search for "cdnAnywhere" in the Play Store. If you are using Android mobile devices, like cell phones or tablets, search for "LightSpeed Live" in the Play Store.

Or try "cdnAnywhere"

Chrome Browser YES HDTV Works on Mac and Windows. Airplay to Apple TV!
Safari Browser YES HDTV

Works on Mac. Airplay to Apple TV!


Any HTML5 standard browser should work.


Search the App Store for "cdnAnywhere"


If you are using Android TV, Android or IOS devices and the cdnAnywhere app, please use "" as the service provider or Server URL/ServerName.  Your login credentials were supplied at the time of subscription. 



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