LightSpeed Affiliate Marketing Program

LightSpeed is recruiting neighborhood advocates, property managers, online influencers, charitable organizations and independent sales reps to help us expand our brand and introduce LightSpeed to prospective new subscribers.

Join our affiliate program and start earning generous incentive payments by referring new customers to LightSpeed. 

The program is simple:

  1. First, join the program - Click here to apply
  2. We’ll send you a personalized affiliate link. Such as:
  3. Share your affiliate link with your network and everyone you know!
  4. Anyone using your link will be tagged with your affiliate code so we can track your sales. (some technical limitations apply)
  5. Get paid.

Spread the word and earn incentive payments.  Rates subject to change, but typical payouts are $50 for residential service orders and $200 for businesses. 

Share your personalized affiliate link on your website, in social media shares, in email or even via text messages. When your prospects use the link, they will be tagged with a browser "cookie" that lasts for up to 45 days. (some limitations apply)

For independent sales reps, use our customized quote-builder to send personalized quotes to your prospects via email or text message. Get credit for orders converting up to 45 days later. 

Incentives are paid monthly.  

This program is subject to change without notice. Certain terms and conditions apply. 

Have questions? Our email address is We would love to hear from you. 

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