How do I order service? How do I schedule installation?

It is easy to check availability or pricing and place an order for your address:

Please enter your address on our website to confirm coverage availability and see pricing and all service plans available to your address. If your address is covered, you can submit an order immediately and schedule your installation appointment for up to 4 weeks into the future.

This is all done from our website: Go to and click "Sign Up" - just enter your name and address and submit. 

How do I schedule installation?

For most neighborhoods, you can select the installation date and time on the final page of the order form. If you have not placed an order, just click "Sign Up" on our website and follow the process to the end.

Installation time slots are available on a first-come first-served basis. Our calendar can fill up quickly, so place your order early enough to insure you get the day and time best for you. You can schedule an activation up to 4 weeks into the future under normal circumstances.

If you have already placed an order but didn't complete scheduling at the time of ordering, your confirmation email will contain a link to the scheduling system. Click on that link to complete your scheduling. If your order confirmation email does not have a scheduling link, your area may be "early adopter" or "coming soon" status - in both cases we will contact you with a scheduling link when your address is ready to activate. 

My address is not covered. When will you cover my area? 

We announce all coverage expansions on our website and our Facebook group. Unfortunately we cannot share any of our unreleased plans to the public.  The best thing you can do is enter your address on the "Sign Up" form from our website so we can contact you when we do cover your area.



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What is your price? How much does it cost? 

How do I order service? 

How do I schedule installation?

How do I check availability for my area?

Are you in my neighborhood?

Do you cover my city?


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