Help! My Internet is not working.

Are you suddenly disconnected from the Internet and don't know why? Internet not working? Service is down?

We're very sorry to hear you are having trouble. Our technicians are eager to help you, please contact our support team to let us know if you need assistance. To follow are common problems you can try to resolve on your own before contacting us:

Check the ONT

The ONT is the "little white box" typically installed in your basement near where the fiber optic cable enters your home. It may also be mounted on the wall next to your fiber jack. A picture of the typical ONT and fiber jack is below. The purpose of the ONT is to convert the incoming fiber optic cabling into a usable Ethernet for your router. 


There are 5 lights on the ONT. When operating properly, they will appear as depicted in the above picture. The POWER, PON and LAN  lights should be GREEN. the LOS and ALARM lights should be dark.

If the lights are all off, the ONT is off. Confirm the obvious stuff here - Is the power on to the ONT? Is it plugged in? The #1 problem we hear from customers are ONT's that were powered off accidentally with a tripped circuit breaker, a power supply that was accidentally unplugged or a power outlet connected to light switches. If the lights are off and power is confirmed to be good, then the ONT has likely failed. Please let us know right away and we'll get a tech out to replace the ONT.

If you have a RED LOS or ALARM light, try to restart the ONT. If there is no improvement, please report this to us right away. The most likely cause of an LOS light is a broken fiber cable, maybe as a result of storm damage or some other damage to the physical cabling leading up to your home.  Let us know and we'll get a repair crew on site to help.

If the POWER and PON lights are GREEN, but the LAN light is OFF or RED, the problem is with your router or the cabling connecting your router and ONT. Please confirm your router is turned on and Ethernet cabling is plugged in all the way. If you are unsure if the router is operating properly, try bypassing the router by plugging a laptop into the Ethernet port directly. If the LAN light turns on, the problem is either the router or ethernet cabling connected to your router.



Common Router problems

If you determine there is no problem with the ONT, try bypassing your router by plugging a laptop into the Ethernet port on the ONT directly.  If you can get online bypassing the router, please troubleshoot your router.

Is the router ON but you are you still unable to see the Wi-Fi network or you can't connect to the Wi-Fi network? Check the Wi-Fi on/off button on your router. Sometimes it is not obvious if this has been pressed.

Routers sometimes need to reboot. Power cycle the router to force it to reset. 

Most routers have an Internet light - if your Internet light is ON, this typically means your router is on and working properly but your computer or device is not properly connected to the router. 



Service Call

If we're unable to resolve an issue remotely, we'll want to pop over to your house to help. We are committed to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.




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My connection is down.

Internet is not working.

My service is not working.

I'm not online.

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