I'm moving. What do I do? How do I move my service?

If you're moving or looking to move service, please read the following guidelines. Also, do not forget to cancel your service according to our cancellation policy. 

Things to remember

  1. If you are renting a router, please do not leave it behind. You are responsible to return this equipment to LightSpeed or you may be charged a replacement fee. We don't want to charge you! But the router is valuable so please remember to return it. 
  2. The fiber cabling and ONT (modem) is a permanent fixture of the house/apartment. Please do not return it. Just leave it powered on and in place. 
  3. Do not forget to send in your written notice of cancellation. Even if you order LightSpeed service for your new location, please do not forget to ask us to cancel your old service. 
  4. CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA TELEPHONE OR IN PERSON. All requests must be received in writing according to our cancellation policy. 
  5. CANCELLATIONS MAY NOT BE RETROACTIVELY APPLIED TO AN ACCOUNT. If you forget, sorry but we cannot credit you for past invoices.
  6. REMEMBER TO PROVIDE A 30-DAY NOTICE SO WE HAVE TIME TO PROCESS YOUR CANCELLATION WELL IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU PLAN TO VACATE YOUR PROPERTY.  It doesn't take 30 days to process, but there is a lot of work to do. We want to insure we meet your expectations and avoid short period renewals with last-minute cancellations. 

Bring us with you!

Plan ahead and place a service order for your new home as early as possible - submit your service order on our website here. You can select an install date and time on the final page of the order form (in most areas.) Usually we allow next day scheduling, but during busy times our calendar can fill up fast. We recommend submitting your order about a month in advance to insure we can accommodate your scheduled move-in date.  Plan early for best results.

Thank you for your business! We hope to connect you again soon.

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How do I move my service? 

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