How do I setup my Roku to access LightSpeed LIVE?

Answers the following questions: Where do I get the Roku app? Where can I find the LightSpeed app in the Roku app store? Where do I download the LIVE Roku app?


LightSpeed LIVE setup instructions

It is important to follow these instructions very carefully. Please do not skip ahead.
If you need support with yor LIVE, please send feedback or questions via email to
ROKU installation guide:
1. From your computer web browser, go to and login to your Roku account.
2. Click on the link "Add channel with a code"
3. Enter "lightspeed" for the channel access code. When asked, click "Yes, add channel" to add LightSpeed live to your Roku
4. If the channel doesn't automatically download to your ROKU, you can force it by doing the following:
From your ROKU, press the HOME key. Click up once to select System.  Select System update. Click OK to "Check now" -- this will force LightSpeed Live to install right away
5. Now open the LightSpeed Live app.  Register your account using the following information:
Enter any name you wish to identify this Roku device. You can add up to 5 devices to your account.
Select Register your device and select OK.
Press the HOME key on your ROKU app to return to the home screen. Load the LightSpeed LIVE app again and you're in!
A few tips:
1. From the channel list, you can press the back button to reach the main menu. This will allow you to access the channel guide, favorite channel list and DVR functions.
2. While watching TV , press the OK button to return to the channel guide or channel list (whatever you were using last)
3. From the channel grid, you can press * to reach DVR functions or build your favorite channel list.
4. Use the A & B buttons on your remote to page up & page down through the channel list and program guide.
5. The app uses "adaptive bitrate" technology to adapt stream video quality to your available bandwidth. If you have a poor connection, you will have poor quality video. We recommend wired ethernet or insure your Wi-Fi is using 5G and is in reasonably close proximity to your router. 
6. When you first load a channel, it will start at the low bitrate and adapt over about 6 to 10 seconds to the highest quality supportd by your connnection. You SHOULD see a picture better than cable or satellite. If you don't, see #5 above.
7. We're about 95% finished with our channel lineup. For major networks, we're carrying LANSING MICHIGAN affiliates along with national affiliates until the local affiliates can be installed in all markets.
Lots of other features, play around and enjoy!
Please send all of your feedback or questions VIA EMAIL to
You may also install LIVE Anywhere app on your Android Phone or Tablet. Search for "LightSpeed Live" in the Google Play Store.
*****    ANDROID QUICK START *****
1. Open the play store. Search for “lightspeed live” and INSTALL the app
2. When finished installing, OPEN the app
Device name: You can enter whatever you wish to identify your device
3. You can access the program grid, channel list, DVR and preferences from within the app simply by swiping Right, Left, Up, Down from the middle of the screen.
1. Open
Device name: You can enter whatever you wish to identify your device
*****    IPAD/IPHONE NOTE *****
1. We have not yet released an IPAD/IPHONE app. However, you can tune in our streams using the “cdnAnywhere” app which is compatible with our service. If you're looking to view streams on Apple TV, open this app on your IPAD or IPHONE 7 (or newer) and Airplay to your Apple TV.
Our server name is "" - use the same login credentials provided above. 
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