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*** This app is being phased out - Please try one of the 7 other Live TV services now available on the LightSpeed network ***


LightSpeed LIVE FAQ


  • You must be a Lightspeed Internet subscriber.
  • You must have subscription to one of our streaming IP TV service packages, which is also known as “TV Anywhere” service
  • A Lightspeed approved “Anywhere” device, you need a ROKU 3 (or newer)  player: Full equipment compatibility here.
  • Support is available via email and text messaging. Please contact us via email to or send text to +1-517-325-0491

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What is the price? Please open on the order form to see current prices. 
  • What is LightSpeed LIVE?  LIVE is a IP based TV service bundled with LightSpeed Internet that brings your favorite live TV content using available set-top box solutions and an app running on your ROKU player for “Anywhere” service. 
  • Do you have BIG TEN NETWORK? Yes. In all packages. 
  • Do you offer Fox Sports Detroit? Yes. Fox Sports Detroit is available in the premium package. 
  • What other TV channels do you offer? Our full channel lineup is available here.
  • Can LIVE replace Cable TV? Absolutely! LIVE is not cable TV. It's better, because it brings live TV channels to your home in stunning HD over your LightSpeed connection. That means you can watch ESPN, BigTEN and all the local broadcast TV channels on the same device you already stream Netflix, Amazon, HULU and other favorite ROKU content all in crystal clear HD quality.
  • Does LIVE have local channels? Yes. Local affiliates are available in the Lansing market now. LightSpeed will be adding Detroit, Flint and Grand Rapids as the rights are secured.
  • What about DVR service? We've got it! LIVE includes cloud-based DVR features with 7-days of FREE storage. Record single episodes or an entire series. The DVR service is not intended to replace HULU or other on-demand apps available on your ROKU.
  • Can I buy the service now? Yes, LIVE is currently offered in pre-release phase to early-access customers willing to kick the tires and help us prepare for the full release. Existing customers can Click here to order!  If you're not a current customer, just click "Sign Up" @ and select LIVE early-release during your order process. 
  • Where is service available? LIVE early-access is available for all LightSpeed subscribers.
  • Will the service run on FIRE stick?  No. You need a ROKU player (model 3 or higher.) We recommend ROKU 3, 4 or ROKU ULTRA. Other models have a remote control that lacks navigation buttons (A/B buttons) important for use of the app. The A/B buttons are used to page through channel lists. Without A/B buttons, it will still work fine but you will need to scroll up/down through channels one at a time. Full equipment compatibility here.
  • I have multiple ROKU's, how will that work? Every LIVE subscriber can connect up to 5 "Anywhere" devices simultaneously. (Roku's, iPad's, laptops ...)
  • Why is this needed with Sling, PS VUE and Google out there also offering live streaming? There are many awesome streaming services and we hope you will select ANY one of them instead of Cable TV. We love them all. The reason we're offering LIVE is to fill the demand for local content and create a more seamless experience for our customers. LIVE offers all local broadcast channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) and soon will bring on educational and government programming. We are not trying to replace HULU, Netflix or any on-demand service, we aim to complement them.
  • What does this mean for your continued support of Sling or PS VUE?  LightSpeed Gigabit Internet is optimized for all major streaming service providers. We love and support them all equally. Empowering consumers with CHOICE is at the heart of our company's culture. We are not trying to replace these services. There are distinct advantages to each streaming service and with a LightSpeed connection, you are free to try them all and select the one best for YOU. LIVE is just one more option. 
  • Does LIVE offer on-demand? Not at this time. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and thousands of other ROKU apps offering inexpensive or free on-demand content, we do not think there is any need.
  • What about devices other than ROKU? At this time LIVE recommends ROKU for TV viewing at your residence. There are also iPad and Android apps available in the app stores. 
  • Did LightSpeed create this app/service? No.  The LIVE IPTV service and LIVE app is provided by our partner organization. However, LightSpeed installed specialized equipment at our network core that enables a seamless experience for our subscribers to receive the highest quality TV signals. The partnership also enables us to bundle the LIVE services on a single bill at affordable prices. LightSpeed direct connection to our partner broadcast center provides the TV service and the tight integration with our network and billing systems creates a seamless experience for our customers that we think you will love.

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