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LightSpeed connects your home or office to the Internet using a 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection. That is very very fast. In fact, your Ethernet connection has more capacity than most Internet speed test servers. Here are some pointers to running Internet speed tests for the best results:

  1. Currently the most reliable test site is  
  2. Do NOT test from Lansing or Grand Rapids or Owosso servers. ONLY TEST USING CHICAGO AREA SERVERS As of this writing, no local server has sufficient capacity to test a full Gig. Instead, select a Chicago area server from the map. We find the following servers most reliable:, TZulo, Silver-IP, Host-Engine, Server Central, or Comcast. As of this writing, we are able to achieve consistently around 800 Mb/s upload and download to these test points.
  3. Isolate any Wi-Fi or router capacity issues by running your test form a hard-line connection. You can do this simply by connecting your computer to any spare port on the router or even better by removing the Internet cable from your router and connecting it directly to your computer's Ethernet port. Testing over a hard-line connection will bypass your router, eliminate any other usage present on your line and illustrate if there are any bottlenecks occurring in your router. 
  4. Mac users be sure to test using Safari browser. The cpu on your computer will be the bottleneck using any other browser. Windows users should monitor your cpu usage during the test to confirm you are not maxing out the computer cpu. If so that will artificially inhibit testing but rest assured it is not an actual speed limitation - just a limit of the software used to run the test. 
  5. If you find there is a bottleneck in your router please follow our "router optimization" article published to this support forum. There are a number of things you can do to optimize Wi-Fi and router performance. 
  6. Mobile devices, such as iPhones or iPads, will not produce reliable test results over 100 Mb/s. The iPhone 6 currently maxes out at around 110 Mb/s in our lab testing even to local test servers. This is not indicative of a problem with your Internet connection, the test is not optimized for mobile devices.
  7. You may notice results will vary between servers and even on the same server. This is because many of the Speed Test servers have a maximum capacity of around 1 Gig. When someone else is using the speed test server at the same time as you, the capacity of that server will be shared. Keep in mind your connection to the Internet is faster than many of the test servers out there. The result of your test is more of a measure of the server's capacity than the true capacity of your connection to the Internet. 

As you will find, saturating your Lightspeed connection from a single device is difficult. This is a good thing. There is enough capacity for all of the devices in your home to run at their maximum speed, all at the same time, insuring all devices in your home always run smoothly.

If you think you are having any trouble with Internet speed or trouble with your router, please let us know right away! We are here to help. Open a case by simply emailing us at


* The "Daystarr" test server in Owosso does not have enough capacity to exceed 5 Megabits of speed. Keep in mind that literally anyone can run a speed test host server. This is not regulated. It is free to do and free to run. Remember to only trust speed tests from credible sources as instructed above. 


Select one of the Chicago area test servers for best results


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    Are you having a speed problem? If so, please contact us for support - Getting help

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