Updating and managing your automatic payment method

Your LightSpeed subscription is set to automatic renewal each month on the anniversary of your activation date.  The monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to the credit card or payment method kept on file.

We will send you messages via email for various payment related matters, such as to notify you when your credit card is about to expire, card is declined or other related billing matters. If you receive these notices, you must update your payment method within 5 days or your service will be automatically suspended in our systems. 

Managing your payment method is easy through our customer billing portal. In the portal, you can update credit card information, billing addresses, review account history and download invoices. 

To open the portal, click on this link: LightSpeed Billing Portal

If this is your first time using the portal, follow the link reading: "New user? Get your signup link here"

Sign up using your billing email address. After submitting your request, a confirmation message will be sent to your billing email address. Open that message and click on it to confirm.

Once logged in, your current payment method is shown. Use this page to add or edit the payment information. 

Please confirm the address under the "Billing Address" section matches your credit card billing address. If the billing address does not match your payment will fail.

If you have any questions, please send us a message anytime to help@golightspeed.com


Thank you for your business!

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