IP addressing questions

Will I get a static IP address?

All IP addresses (v4 and v6) are assigned via DHCP to home service subscribers. You are permitted 1 IPv4 address with home packages. Additional IP addresses may be requested for an additional monthly fee on commercial packages only.  Currently we offer up to 7 total IPv4 addresses on a SMB package and unlimited on enterprise services.

IP addresses are not "static" per se, but they do not change unless your MAC address changes or you let the lease expire and it is assigned to another user. So long as you maintain a connection with LightSpeed, your address should not change. 

Nearly every modern router supports Dynamic DNS functions, so if you have some need for a fixed IP and concerned there is a risk of your MAC address changing or being turned off through the expiration, Dyn DNS (or equivalent service) can be easily setup to map your IP to a domain name that will not change.


Do you support IPv6?


IPv6 prefixes are assigned to your router via DHCPv6-prefix delegation. However, consumer routers support for IPv6-PD is still not widely used and we have experienced interoperability concerns. Your mileage may vary! LightSpeed support is expanding as we work through all of the vendors quirks regarding how they operate with DHCPv6-PD and assigns multiple /64 subnets up to /60.

The routers that we have tested with IPv6-DHCP-PD Netgear Nighthawk, ZyXEL and ASUS. 

All accounts have IPv6 support by default. 

Set your router as follows:

Connection Typer: Native

DHCP-PD: Enable

Stateless IPv6 LAN / Auto configuration

IPv6 DNS setting: Enable automatic connection to DNS server

Router Advertisements: Enabled / Yes


Can you change my IP address?

Your IP address does not customarily change. It is not something we control manually, so unfortunately no we cannot change your IP once assigned.


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    andrew phillips

    My D-link gigabit wireless-N dir-827 worked out of the box with IPv6 and DHCP-PD. only problem I have with it, is, no matter what i type in for local domain name, it still advertises golightspeed.com by DHCP.

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    Jason Schreiber

    Not sure I understand. If you are having a service problem, please email help@golightspeed.com and we will get someone assigned to help right away!

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    andrew phillips

    I was just commenting on the fact that you got those routers to work, and I am saying the d-link router does too.

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