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For the quickest support, please contact us via EMAIL or SMS TEXT MESSAGE. Text and email messages are routed to our entire on-duty support staff, allowing us to connect you with the best person for your questions without having to route through phone prompts or sitting on hold. 


Lansing area CALL/TEXT/SMS: +1-517-325-0491

Grand Rapids CALL/TEXT/SMS: +1-616-202-5556

Detroit Metro and others CALL/TEXT/SMS:  +1-313-307-4242

You can follow progress on your case and see the history of all support cases using this website:

If you are unable to access email or SMS/TEXT, please call us anytime at our local support center.


We hate sitting on hold and navigating through annoying call center phone prompts as much as anyone. If we cannot answer the phone immediately, you may be directed to leave a voice message instead of waiting. If so, please leave a detailed explanation in your message. All messages are transcribed in real-time and distributed to our on-duty support staff. This helps us connect you more quickly to the best person for your question without forcing you to sit on hold or navigate through endless phone prompts.



Self Help Services

Billing & Payment Portal

You can manage/update your payment method, review payment and invoice history using our payment portal. Simply login using your billing email address below:

Billing Support Portal:


Tech Support Community

We maintain a support community website filled with message boards, and a variety of helpful support documents.  You can access our Community Pages here:




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