What are ping times on the LightSpeed network? (latency)

Ping times on the LightSpeed network.

LightSpeed peers directly with the largest content providers (100's of networks) via direct fiber optic connections. This strategy insures the network is engineered for consistent speed and low latencies.  

The following are ping times to major sites from a customer site in Lansing Mich:

Updated 3/6/2016

Popular websites 

Destination IP Address Results
www.google.com 5.973ms - 6.120ms
www.wired.com 5.751ms - 6.096ms
www.apple.com 6.057ms - 6.424ms
www.cnn.com 5.933ms - 6.005ms
Microsoft network 6.148ms - 6.339ms
www.btn.com 5.734ms - 5.836ms

Video stream providers

Destination IP Address Results
Netflix streaming servers 3.258ms - 3.406ms
Hulu streaming 5.874ms - 6.028ms
ESPN live streaming 20.013ms - 20.749ms
Microsoft network 6.148ms - 6.339ms
BTN video streaming 28.184ms - 28.343ms

Direct Peering sites 

LightSpeed peering sites:

IX & Private - Chicago Illinois (350 E Cermak)

IX & Private - Southfield Michigan (Level3 on 10 Mile & 123.net on Northwestern Hwy)

IX & Private - Ashburn Virginia (Filigree campus)

Private peering - Lansing Michigan (320 N Washington Sq)


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