Transferring Service

Transferring service to your name from another person residing at your address is a simple process (  You will need to have the following information in order to initiate a transfer:

  • Previous customer’s first and last name
  • Previous customers account number (This can be found in their monthly email invoice)
  • Your address
  • Credit Card for the $5 transfer fee and for your monthly billing charges


  • The purpose of this form is to take over all of the responsibility for an existing account. By submitting this form all responsibility and account ownership will be transferred to you, including any unpaid account balance. If there are unpaid charges they will be immediately charged to your credit card.
  • If there are discounts or coupons associated with the account being transferred, they will be grandfathered to the new account as if the account was started by you. This way you can keep the monthly discount rate, such as "early adopter" and other promotions through the end of the original promotional term.
  • If there is a router rental on the account, you will be responsible for the monthly charges and for the return of equipment in good working order. There is a fee for unreturned routers. By taking responsibility for this account, you are taking responsibility for the rented equipment as well.
  • This order form is only valid for service at the SAME ADDRESS. Accounts may not be transferred to new locations.
  • This form may not be used for an expired account. The account must be active and billing continuously.
  • A processing fee of $5 will be collected.


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