Temporary suspension, pause a service or reconnecting a cancelled service

It's our goal to make it easy for you to pause, cancel and restart your LightSpeed service anytime you wish. Whether you want a temporary suspension, permanent cancellation or you're looking to re-connect a suspended or cancelled account, all it takes is a quick email to get it done!

1. Stopping or pausing service -- Your LightSpeed contract is a month-to-month commitment. That means you can stop renewing service anytime you wish for free. Whether your intent is to temporarily suspend service or stop service permanently, there is no fee to do this. Just follow our normal cancellation procedure.

It's easy - the gist is this: Send an email to help@golightspeed.com requesting your account stop renewing. Please send that message using the same email address where we send your invoices; That's how we know it's you.

We will stop your account from renewing and your service will automatically cancel until we hear back from you.

2. Restarting service -- When you're ready to restart service, just ask for your account to be reactivated via email to help@golightspeed.com. Please use the same email address where we send your invoices; That's how we know it's you.

We do our best to process reactivation requests right away.

It does not matter if your account was temporarily suspended or permanently cancelled, it is all the same to us - we can reactivate your account anytime you wish via a simple email.


We are very grateful for your business - THANK YOU!


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