Upload Speeds HORRIBLE at Ferris Coffee Shop

Having Lightspeed at Ferris Coffee and Nut Shop in Grand Rapids, MI was a Godsend for me.  My job revolves around uploading and downloading photos every day.  My day doesn't end until every photo is uploaded.  What used to take me hours, took me less than 15 minutes at Ferris with Lightspeed.  

Then, around Christmas, the speeds went away.  Download speed is still great but upload speeds dropped to slower than dial-up.  I've visited the coffee shop 5 times since then and every time, the internet is useless.  No one working at the coffee shop has the slightest clue what could be the cause and they also don't seem to concerned with finding out.  

I'm here now, as I type this, in what I'm guessing will be my last visit to this coffee shop because the internet Lightspeed provided is literally some of the slowest upload speeds I have ever seen.  Even Biggby coffee can upload faster.  I'm currently attempting to upload 42 Camera RAW files (Total of about 1 GB) and it is saying it will take 12 hours to complete this upload.  12 hours for 1 GB.  That is beyond unacceptable.  If this is something that Ferris can fix on their end, can you please contact them and request they fix it because they never listen to me.  If not, good luck prospering in the Grand Rapids market.

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